Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED)

For access and use of the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) please call 250-240-7818 (24/7).

There are notices posted at each laundry room, beside the radio call box at the store and one at the large bulletin board inside the gate.


Parking at Spider Lake Springs Resort

Parking at SLSR has always been an issue. On long weekends it has become a hugh problem with cars parking along the roads.

Short term use areas should not be used as overflow parking, such as any parking near the upper or lower washrooms/laundry and the Angel Pond drop off area (across from the lower washrooms).

Please see information below regarding overflow parking that we ask campers to use.

Overflow Parking Areas
Main Overflow parking lot near the tennis courts
Lower Overflow parking near the Dog Run/Septic Field (just off Grumbach Road at F-42)
Longhouse/water slide parking area
Small Area in ‘E-section’ at the top of Stevenson Road opposite the small playing field

Logging around park perimeter

The parcel of land immediately to the east of Spider Lake Springs is private property. Our property ends at the back boundary of sites in B, C, D, and G sections that lie on the eastern side of the park. The windstorm in December 2018 caused extensive damage to properties in this area, most of it being fallen, uprooted, compromised and damaged trees. Due to the number of such trees on the neighboring property, the landowner is clearing a buffer between the trees on his property and the sites along the east side of our property. The view from sites in E, B, C, D and G sections is affected by this work. As it is private property and the compromised trees do pose a liability risk, there is little we can do about it.