Reminder – Disposing of Un-Wanted Items

The garbage bins are for normal household waste ONLY.

The following items must be taken to a transfer station and not left in or near the garbage bins:
Metal of any kind
Drywall and building materials
Yard and garden waste, including plastic pails and flower pots
Paint, oil, and hazardous liquids
Power tools
Furniture, including chairs and tables
Appliances, including BBQ’s
Plastic chairs and tables
Garden hoses
Foam filled cushions
Refundable containers
Propane canisters
Bicycles, toys, cloths

Do the right thing: take them out of the park and dispose of them responsibly at a transfer station or recycling
depot. Doing anything else costs all of us as GFL fines us when they find items that should not be in the

The nearest transfer station to SLSR is in Parksville at 860 Church Road, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, open most
days (google Church Road Transfer Station for more information).

With a little effort, we can keep ‘Our Springs’ and VI beautiful.


The Board of Directors and Park Manager, Brian Lamb would like to welcome everyone to the 2021 camping season which goes from April 15 to October 15.

We will be emailing a newsletter each month from April to October which will have useful and interesting facts regarding the park.

Please note that 2021 Fees are due by April 30th – For those sending payment via etransfer, Do Not Wait until the last day, the bank limits us to receiving 6 or 7 payments per day, not everyone can send at the same time. Ensure you use the correct email to send the payment –

We now have SLSR clothing for sale, under the SLSR Clothing tab.

The following documents can be found on the website under the Documentation tab.

April Newsletter

SLSR Rules and Regulations – it is the responsibly of all owners and guests to read and abide by the rules and regulations

2021 Owner Information Form – please fill out and return to the Board Secretary at

Board Of Directors, Spider Lake Springs Resort, Campers Association

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