SLSR Meet and Greet August 15, 2021

On behalf of the Board, I would like to express my appreciation to those who attended our Meet and Greet in the Longhouse on Sunday, August 15th and then stayed for our Board meeting.

It was gratifying to see all of those shareholders/owners who participated and asked questions.  It is only through communication that your Board members can work for the betterment of all of you.

It was evident from the comments and round of applause that there is great satisfaction in the work and effort put in by our Park Manager, Brian Lamb, and his staff!  In addition, his group of volunteers are making noticeable changes in our Park!  Thank you all for your contributions!

The old “chestnuts” reared their heads:  speeding in the Park, congestion in Angel Pond, guest trailers, our infrastructure of water, sewer and power!

You are all reminded that “little people” on their bikes, or in wagons, are having fun, and cars and trucks are the least of their worries.  The speed limit at all times throughout the Park is 5 km/h, that’s walking speed, no faster please!!

Angel Pond is becoming more congested with floaties and swimmers all vying for space!  We have other ponds that are available for use, Main Pond by the Store, and Larry’s and Ryan’s Ponds!!

The guest trailer issue is under the scrutiny of a Section 4.3 & 4.7 Committee who will be providing to the Board, their written report and recommendations, which will go to a general vote and be in force for next camping season!

Our infrastructure is in the process of review and updating, as and where necessary, with the necessary funds coming from our contingency reserves built-up for just this purpose.

Our private water system, which is supplied by a number of on-site wells is tested regularly, as required by the health department, and has continually been passing all tests with flying colours!!

Our private septic/sewer system is continuously monitored.  The engineering consultant’s annual status report, completed in January, 2021, found our system to have been continuously updated to current health standards.  There is one remaining recommendation, the installation of a “trash tank” will take place in early October, which will contribute to a better functioning, modern system for a Park such as ours!

The last piece of the infrastructure puzzle is the possible upgrade of our electrical system to accommodate 50-amp service to each of 310 shareholders in the Park.  Quotes will be solicited from reputable contractors knowledgeable on projects of this size!  The quotes will be reviewed by our consulting electrical engineer, with recommendations as to when it can be done, how much it will cost shareholders, will there be financing available, can you opt out and opt back in later, plus a number of other questions you might have!  It will be inclusive, so please forward your enquiries to so that they can be considered!

Thanks for your support at the Meet and Greet!

Dave Clark (B4), President
Spider Lake Springs Resort, Campers Association

SLSR Meet and Greet August 15 2021


Muskrats in the Ponds

The muskrats are back!
As more and more wetlands are destroyed to accommodate human expansion, muskrats are becoming increasingly common in urban areas as well as ponds and lakes, so there’s a decent chance that you’ll come across at least one of these guys at some point. Muskrats will typically run away or disappear under the water’s surface if approached by humans, but if you corner them they will, understandably, attempt to bite and scratch.



Bottle Recycling at Spider Lake Springs Resort

Volunteers Needed – Bottle Recycling at Spider Lake Springs Resort

In the past recycling has resulted in about $4,500-5,000 for the park. With increased deposit rates I would expect that to go to about $6,000/yr. The funds have gone to Extras for the park like- Plants & beautification, picnic tables and benches, rubber speed bumps etc, any remaining funds go into the social fund for those activities. C Section has become the first group to help restart the recycle program on Aug. 16th. Which Section is Next! I will help with the instructions and gloves and supplies are provided.

To open the Park Bottle Recycling, we need volunteers to help with sorting cans and bottles for pick up by Bottle Depot truck. Help with loading the truck when it is here. Sorting can take time, so many helping hands makes it easier. Gloves and recycle bags will be provided. We can re-open the bottle recycling as soon as we have enough volunteers.

Rob Scantlebury will help with organizing, dealing with the bottle depot and instructions for sorting.

The funds collected in the past have been approximately $4,500/yr and this will increase with higher deposit rates. The money goes into the social/recycling fund and is used for various park extra’s like gaming equipment, nets, park benches and tables, library boxes.

If you would like to help with the bottle recycling Rob can be reached at