Guidelines are in effect for owners (license holder) in the planning stages of work on their site. Work must not be started before an application is submitted and approved by the park manager.  Unapproved work that has started or completed without approval of the correct form by the owner may be subject to an adjustment or removal at the expense of the owner.  There are no exceptions. These rules and regulations are in place to ensure all work by owners comply with the rules and guidelines and comply within our license with the Regional District.  There is no cost to submit an application to the park..
Before submitting any application, please review the rules and regulations document on the website, dated October 2019, and specifically the section that addresses the work you are planning.
The following forms are now on the website under the Forms section.
These forms apply to the following work:
–  Building a new deck or gazebo (use New Deck or Gazebo form)
–  Building a new fence  (use New Fence form)
–  Altering existing structures (replacing or making changes anything existing on your site, i.e.:  trailer, fence, deck, roof, shed, deck, fence or gazebo, etc  (use Alter Existing form)
–  Building a new shed (use New Shed form)
–  Altering existing sewer, electric or water (use Infrastructure Alterations form)
– Tree Removal Request
To submit your application, you can email  Brian Lamb, Park Manager at or, deposit in the mail slot beside the ice freezer at the store. Approval turn around is between two to three weeks.
Forms must be submitted by the owner (license holder) and not the leaseholder of a lot. Doing so will delay your project until the owner submits the correct form.
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