Quarantine/Self Isolating at Spider lake Springs Resort

Everyone should be checking the Provincial rules around quarantining when returning to Canada or travelling from Province to Province.

The Board is recommending that no one quarantine/self isolate at the park but, if they follow the government rules set out on the B.C.’s response to COVID-19 site https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/info/response, we will not stop them.

If you do quarantine/self isolate at the park you must stay on your site (no walking around the park or using the park washrooms).

We do ask that anyone that does quarantine/self isolate at the park let Brian Lamb, Park Manager know they are there. Brian can be reached at slsmanager2@gmail.com.

In the interest of everyone’s health and safety the social distance rules will be taken very seriously and any owner guilty of disregard will be asked to leave, have gate access revoked and power turned off at their site.

Board of Directors