Bottle Recycling at Spider Lake Springs Resort

Volunteers Needed – Bottle Recycling at Spider Lake Springs Resort

In the past recycling has resulted in about $4,500-5,000 for the park. With increased deposit rates I would expect that to go to about $6,000/yr. The funds have gone to Extras for the park like- Plants & beautification, picnic tables and benches, rubber speed bumps etc, any remaining funds go into the social fund for those activities. C Section has become the first group to help restart the recycle program on Aug. 16th. Which Section is Next! I will help with the instructions and gloves and supplies are provided.

To open the Park Bottle Recycling, we need volunteers to help with sorting cans and bottles for pick up by Bottle Depot truck. Help with loading the truck when it is here. Sorting can take time, so many helping hands makes it easier. Gloves and recycle bags will be provided. We can re-open the bottle recycling as soon as we have enough volunteers.

Rob Scantlebury will help with organizing, dealing with the bottle depot and instructions for sorting.

The funds collected in the past have been approximately $4,500/yr and this will increase with higher deposit rates. The money goes into the social/recycling fund and is used for various park extra’s like gaming equipment, nets, park benches and tables, library boxes.

If you would like to help with the bottle recycling Rob can be reached at