2021 Annual Maintenance, Contingency and Hydro Billing

In 2020 we welcomed a record number of new owners into the park, so I thought this would be a good time to review your 2021 Annual Billing.

The 2021 invoice was mailed out January 9th. Does the park have your correct address? If not, please advise our Secretary at spiderlakesecretary@gmail.com.

The invoice contains 3 items:
Item #1 – 2021 Annual Maintenance Fee of $1,200 (an increase of $100 over 2020 (see comments below) plus Annual Contingency Fee of $50.
Item #3 – Adjusts 2020 hydro to your actual usage costs from the prior year estimate.
Item #4 – 2021 hydro estimate, based on the lot’s prior 3 year average usage.
Total Amount is due April 30, 2021. After which a $100 late fee and gate card suspension will apply until paid in full.

Payment can be made in full or instalments starting now until April 30. You can mail your payment to the park address on the invoice or put it into the mail slot (beside the ice machine) at the park. Cash will be accepted, but we ask that you use cheque or Etransfer.

Considering Etransfer?
Please note the bank restricts the maximum $$ amount that can be deposited each day/week/month so transfers may be delayed. Consider making your transfer earlier and not wait until April 30.

Etransfer payment can be made to the park at slsrtreasurer@gmail.com email address. Ensure your NAME and SITE # are included in the transfer message. Etransfer will be deposited directly to Spider Lake Springs bank account and you will see this notification as you do the transfer.

Final 2021 Budget will be posted following approval at the January meeting.

As we all know costs for everything continue to rise and this is reflected in our need to increase the Maintenance fee by $100/lot. Owners share equally the cost to run and maintain our park from January 1 – December 31. Spider Lake Springs runs like a small town and has 30 year old infrastructure for our water and sewer systems to maintain, as well as staff, property taxes, hydro and garbage disposal to name a few costs. Your elected volunteer board works hard to control our costs while still providing a safe and happy place to camp. Many costs are beyond our control. For each of the past 2 years it cost $19,000/yr ($60/lot) to remove dangerous trees. In 2021 the park needs to install a sewage retention tank costing over $20,000. All these expenses are needed to keep us all safe and our park a wonderful place to camp.

Rob Scantlebury, Treasurer
Spider Lake Springs Campers Association