Storm update, Noon, Dec 29, 2018

Power was successfully restored to the entire park by 3pm on Christmas Eve.  I have left several messages with several tree service companies, understandably they are incredibly busy and I have yet to hear back.  We are currently working on clearing trees that have fallen in lots, where we can safely do so ourselves.  The emergency exit has been cleared of the trees across it.

I am requesting that anyone coming in to clean up a site please take tree debris directly to the burn pile.

I must remind campers that the green space surrounding the park is all privately owned, and the removal of any trees, or parts of trees, for any reason is unlawful.  I have already heard from the property owner of the eastern boundary.  There is no buffer zone in B or C, site boundaries are the property boundaries of SLS.

Clean-up will be a long process, please have patience with us as work to restore the park.  There are around 100 trees that we must contend with, half of which require professional removal.

Allan Mainprize
Manager, SLSR