Storm update, 1:00 pm, Dec 24, 2018:

There is every reason to believe that power will be fully restored to the park today.  Hydro crews (three trucks plus arborists) are in right now (11:45am) working in D-section.  As soon as they complete their work we will begin activating infrastructure over time.  The water will be turned back on to the washrooms today.  Staff have purged the water storage tank and replenished it with fresh, chlorinated well water.  The main gate will be closed and set to standard operation.  The treatment plant and one pumping station will be activated today, with the rest to follow on Boxing Day and after.

There will be no update again until the end of day on December 26.

I hope everyone is warm and dry enjoying time with family, friends, and loved ones.

Allan Mainprize
Manager, SLSR