Spider Lake Springs Resort Update – June 27, 2020

June 27, 2020 Spider Lake Springs Resort Update

Hi everyone, with the province updating rules during the COVID-19 situation the Board of Directors would like to update owners on rules at Spider Lake Springs Resort.

  1. Access to the park will remain as assigned gate cards only (no buzz in, so don’t forget your card, (see Rules Section 2).
  2. Limit contact with staff to necessary items and please maintain your social distance. When possible use the buzzer at the store to speak to them.
  3. Guests are permitted but no guest trailers allowed at this time.
  4. No more than 2 trailers per site, this applies all year long. Section 4. (4.3) Campsite Occupancy.
  5. The washrooms are being renovated and remain closed until further notice.
  6. Common facilities to remain closed for now are – store, arcade/game room and recycling.
  7. Water slide will remain closed until further notice.
  8. The laundries are now open. Sanitizing materials are available.
  9. Long house is opened for use, as well, the ponds and fields can be used if social distancing is practiced. Please remember night swimming is not allowed.
  10. Playgrounds, children can use the playgrounds but a reminder to families that the equipment will not be cleaned by anyone and that pandemic safety rules need to be followed in public spaces, playtime is safest close to home.
  11. Tennis courts and bike park are opened.
  12. Internet is on at the store, the wifi works a little farther than just the covered area, but PLEASE spread out and limit your time there so that others may use it as well. The tables have been returned to in front of the store. If large gatherings are observed the internet service will be suspended.
  13. Limit your use of outside contractors to essential repairs of the RV. Please try to be with the contractor when he works at your site.
  14. Social events and larger gatherings are cancelled or postponed until BC Health Authority allow them.
  15. Section 7. Campsite Maintenance – Please abide by the rules in Section 7, but note that due to the COVID-19 situation we are relaxing the tarp removal/clean up of sites rules until further notice.
  16.  As an owner it is your responsibility to read the Rules and Regulations. We remind campers that rules apply to all and that includes during long weekends.
  17.  Speed limit is 5 kph.
  18.   If you are selling your lot you MUST have it inspected by staff to confirm it is in complete compliance with current regulations. You can find information on our web site http://spiderlakesprings.org/news/ under the Sites for Sale and Lease tab, Important Notice to Seller and Purchaser of Shares at Spider Lake Springs Resort document.

If you wish to ask a question or clarify information regarding Spider Lake Springs Resort, we would be happy to answer your emails. Please send emails to spiderlakesecretary@gmail.com.

As Dr. Henry says – be kind, be calm and be safe.

Board of Directors

Spider Lake Springs Campers Association