Storm damage update, Dec 22, 2018, 7:00 pm

Most owners whose camping units have suffered damage, have either been to the park or contacted via phone or email.  As another storm is rolling in there may be more tomorrow and there may yet be some that have been missed.

There is still no power, and no estimate for when it might be restored.  A reminder that this means there are no functioning services and the washrooms are locked.

Many of the trees in the park, and in particular, those that have partially fallen on camping units will have to await professional removal.  There is no timeframe for that at this point.  It is a weekend, three days before Christmas and there are much higher priorities in our communities.

The roads in the park are clear, except Teresa Avenue from D-24 through D-37 which is awaiting BC Hydro.  Unfortunately this is a low priority item for them right now given the widespread destruction of their infrastructure on the Island and Mainland.  The area has been cordoned off and I strongly advise against attempting to access those sites.

Campers may, at their own risk, come to The Springs to survey the damage to their site.  Alternatively, campers with specific concerns can reach me at my email: and I will reply as soon as possible.

Staff are on-site working through what we are able to handle despite the lack of power and miserable weather.

Please note that we are not able to replace tarps, fix fences, repair gazebos, etc.  These items are a normal part of site ownership and thus, the responsibility of the shareholder.

Allan Mainprize

Manager, SLSR

Update from SLS Manager, Dec 21, 2018, 7:00 pm

A preliminary inspection of the park has been completed.  There is widespread minor damage to countless fences, tarps, decks, awnings, etc.  I will not immediately contact individual owners regarding the above items.  The park is still without power and there is no estimate for when it may be restored.

All instances of more significant damage to camping units has been noted and photographed.  Those site owners will be notified via email with photos, in the next 24 hours, and by phone once those services are restored.

Sites D-24 thru D-38 are inaccessible at this time due to downed power lines.  Under no circumstances is anyone to attempt to access those sites until BC Hydro has repaired the lines.  The area has been coned off.

There are many many compromised trees throughout the park.  Many of them will have to be removed by professionals and it will be quite some time before any will be available to do so.

We will begin cleaning up what we are safely able to starting tomorrow morning (December 22).  Any campers with specific concerns can email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

It is still my recommendation that campers not come up unless absolutely necessary.”

Allan Mainprize
Manager, SLSR


Update After Friday’s (Dec 20, 2018) Windstorm

There is no power at the park and no facilities are available for use.
Al advises against making the trip just to check on your site.  SLS Staff will do a site by site assessment today and over the weekend and contact those campers whose sites or units have sustained damage.
It is unlikely that power will be restored to the park today (December 21).  The initial loss of power was yesterday morning, but after that, lines were brought down on Spider Lake Road and Turnbull Road.
For anyone who feels they must come inspect their site please use extreme caution, and keep the speed within the park to an absolute crawl.
More updates to be posted as they are available. This message is posted to the SLS website and Facebook site.

The fire ban has been removed at the Springs. Please be careful with all fire activities, there are no do-overs.  Enjoy your weekend at the Springs.