Message from Al Mainprize regarding Fire Bans and Restrictions, June 23, 2019:

Spider Lake Springs is not currently under a campfire ban, however, the Coastal Fire Center has indicated we may be nearing restriction conditions. Campfire bans will be posted to the Spider Lake Springs Facebook Page and Website.

As soon as a campfire ban is on the horizon, SLS staff prepare to post a dozen large yellow and black ‘No Campfires’ throughout the park and engage campers to inform them of the situation.

Good sources of information regarding the current fire danger rating and any restrictions currently in place include the Bow Horn Bay Volunteer Fire Department’s website, the Wildfire Service website, and specific searches for recent news releases from The Coastal Fire Center, Errington Base. There is an infographic sign near the intersection of Horne Lake Road and Spider Lake Road with the current local restrictions and BHBVFD is very good at keeping it up-to-date.