Important 2020 Dates

The following dates are noteworthy:

May 15: Gate cards are deactivated for any overdue Maintenance and Hydro accounts, with an additional fee for reactivation.

May Long Weekend:   SLSCA AGM 10AM on Sunday of the long weekend at Lighthouse Community Centre.

May Long Weekend: All tarps must be removed from RVs, sheds, decks, etc. by this date.  Any that remain will be removed by staff at the license holder’s expense.

June 1: All sites must be cleaned up by this date.  This includes items such as cutting grass & weeds, raking up leaves, removal of unsightly clutter.  After this date, staff will do what is necessary to clean up sites at the license holder’s expense.

June 29: Waterslide Opens! (Provided it passes all required inspections).

October 15: Last day of the camping season. Ensure that your water is disconnected from the source.

October 16: Water is turned off and the lines blown out.

October 17 – November 15: Annual hydro meter reading. Those lot owners that require their meters to be read earlier must contact the manager or any staff member and it will be read ASAP.

Allan Mainprize, Manager, SLSR