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Wildlife Control

The park has employed the services of a wildlife control company to deal with issue of bank damage at the ponds. It has been determined that muskrat are excavating the dens in the pond banks. These dens pose a safety risk to anyone walking around the ponds. An individual could step on a den, lose footing, fall or trip and end up being injured.

It has been necessary to employ both live capture and lethal traps. All pets must be on-leash at all times, as stated in the rules, but with lethal traps deployed in the ponds it is important to be more vigilant and responsible with your pets. The lethal traps are only in the ponds, under or partially under water; live capture traps are employed entirely above the water.

Please do not tamper with or otherwise touch any of the traps or any animals caught in the traps. The traps are to be set, reset, or moved by the trapper ONLY.

Ensure that children in your care are supervised and aware of this process. Ensure they know not to touch any of the traps.

I still strongly recommend that the pond edges be avoided until we have concluded this work and repaired the damage. If you fall through a den please report it to a staff member immediately.

A message from Al Mainprize, Park Manager

Your 2019 maintenance and hydro fees (explained in detail)

Everyone is billed the same for maintenance fees each year. These fees cover the operating costs for the park, ie: staff, water, garbage and recycling collection, and electricity to operate the water and sewer pumping stations, pumps that aerate the ponds, electricity to the washrooms and laundry, other buildings, the water slide etc, etc. In 2019, there is a $100.00 increase to cover increases in these operating costs.

Electricity charges noted on your invoice are based on your usage. Each lot has a meter and is read by park staff in October each year. Here is an explanation of the two lines describing an owner’s Hydro charges.

The first hydro charge is an adjustment charge for the previous year. This number, in kWh, is based on what you were estimated to use in 2018, (you paid this amount on last year’s bill), plus or minus what you actually used. As an example, lets say an owner’s use is estimated and billed in 2018 at 2038 kWh but actual use (as per the meter reading in October) was 2,144 kWh. The adjustment amount is based on the difference between 2038 and 2144, or 108, so the billing adjustment is 108 x 0.130=$14.04. The charge per kWh in 2018 by BC Hydro was 13 cents (0.130). In 2019, there was an increase of .05 cents per kWh from 2018, now 13.5 cents (0.135) per kWh.

The second charge billed is your estimated use for the 2019 season and is based on an average of your actual use for the past three years. If you were to start using less electricity, this estimated use over three years would decrease your estimated use charges. But should you use more, your average over the three years will increase.

Please email the treasurer directly with any questions regarding your invoice,

2019 maintenance fees have been mailed

It’s official, the 2019 maintenance fees were mailed earlier this week. If you don’t receive yours by Jan 15, please email your current mailing address to Payment is due by April 30, 2019.

If you know another owner who moved in the past year, please let them know, thanks.

Information session scheduled

Having fun at the Springs but you have a few questions? Are you familiar with the common rules? Did you know the rules have been revised? Would you like to know know more about the park?

Come to the information session at the Longhouse on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 10:00 AM. Bring your coffee, there will be cookies!

Your board of directors for 2018 and park manager Al Mainprize will be there to answer your questions. New owners are especially invited to come, ask questions and meet your fellow campers. See you there.

Did you know …

The Springs is on Facebook! Check it out, you’ll see interesting articles on camp life, park and area news, park photos and hopefully some funny posts. You’ll also see urgent messages cross posted (on FB and this website) on things like fire ban restrictions. Reminders about upcoming events are also posted there. Our Facebook page is meant to be informative, amusing, and of general interest to SLS owners. Find us at Spider Lake Springs Resort on Facebook and stay in touch with what’s happening at the Springs.

Reminder – Disposing of Un-Wanted Items

The garbage bins are for normal household waste ONLY.

The following items must be taken to a transfer station and not left in or near the garbage bins:
– mattresses
– barbecues
– furniture (chairs and tables)
– propane canisters and bottles
– bicycles, toys, clothes etc
– metals of any kind

Do the right thing: take them out of the park and dispose of them responsibly at a transfer station or recycling depot. Doing anything else costs all of us.

The nearest transfer station to SLS is in Parksville at 860 Church Road, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, open most days (google Church Road Transfer Station for more information).

What can make a difference?
By recycling the items below, proceeds fund the Social Committee efforts to organize social events like dances, meat draws, ball tourneys, bingos, and kids events. AND they stay out of the landfill:
– beer and cooler (cans and glass bottles)
– pop (cans and glass bottles)
– wine (glass and boxes)
– liquor (glass and plastic bottles)
– water and juice (plastic and glass bottles, tetra packs)

With a little effort, we can keep ‘Our Springs’ and VI beautiful.

Spider Lake Springs Store Summer 2018 Season, Info Session Saturday May 19, 10:00 am

The Board of Directors is currently looking for employees for our upcoming season. It is an awesome opportunity for our teens and is quite often the first paying job for many.
Store hours have typically been from 5pm – 8 pm on Fridays; from 11am to 8 pm on Saturdays (two shifts) and from 11am to 3pm on Sundays. Work commences the long weekend in July and ends with the long weekend in September.
We are looking for teens aged 14 or over with a valid Foodsafe Certificate.
If you are interested, or know someone who is, please come join us for our information session to be held in the store on Saturday May 19 at 10:00 am.
We encourage a parent to join their teen as there is great information to be shared!
For any further information or if unable to attend, please contact Debbie Graham (site B05) at