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Updated Rules & Regulations Document

You will find an updated version of Spider Lake Springs Resort’s Rules & Regulations document under the Rules and Regulations Section

There has been an addition to the rules and regulations, Section 9: Staff and Camper Safety.

Thank you to Volunteers

The Spider Lake Springs Resort Campers Association Board members wish to thank all the volunteers over the season for their hard work. Without volunteers all the social programs would not exist. It is a huge job to make sure all the events, the store, the bottle shed and other programs continue to run.

Parking at Spider Lake Springs Resort

Parking at SLSR has always been an issue. On long weekends it has become a hugh problem with cars parking along the roads.

Short term use areas should not be used as overflow parking, such as any parking near the upper or lower washrooms/laundry and the Angel Pond drop off area (across from the lower washrooms).

Please see information below regarding overflow parking that we ask campers to use.

Overflow Parking Areas

  • Main Overflow parking lot near the tennis courts
  • Lower Overflow parking near the Dog Run/Septic Field (just off Grumbach Road at F-42)
  • Longhouse/water slide parking area
  • Small Area in ‘E-section’ at the top of Stevenson Road opposite the small playing field

Reminder – Disposing of Un-Wanted Items

The garbage bins are for normal household waste ONLY.

The following items must be taken to a transfer station and not left in or near the garbage bins:
– mattresses
– barbecues
– furniture (chairs and tables)
– propane canisters and bottles
– bicycles, toys, clothes etc
– metals of any kind

Do the right thing: take them out of the park and dispose of them responsibly at a transfer station or recycling depot. Doing anything else costs all of us.

The nearest transfer station to SLS is in Parksville at 860 Church Road, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, open most days (google Church Road Transfer Station for more information).

What can make a difference?
By recycling the items below, proceeds fund the Social Committee efforts to organize social events like dances, meat draws, ball tourneys, bingos, and kids events. AND they stay out of the landfill:
– beer and cooler (cans and glass bottles)
– pop (cans and glass bottles)
– wine (glass and boxes)
– liquor (glass and plastic bottles)
– water and juice (plastic and glass bottles, tetra packs)

With a little effort, we can keep ‘Our Springs’ and VI beautiful.