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Fire ban on now until further notice

The park is now under a fire ban. What is allowed is CSA or ULC – rated cooking stoves or portable campfires that use liquid fuel, gas, propane, or briquettes, with a maximum flame height of 15cm (about 6″). Tiki torches are also not allowed.

Here’s what you need to know about this Canada Day weekend at the Springs!

Start the weekend and dress up your site in a Canadian theme. Prize awarded Sunday afternoon

Volunteers will again be selling 50/50 tickets around the park on Saturday and Sunday. Listen for volunteers announcing loudly “50/50 tickets for sale”

At 10:00 am at the Longhouse: Info session with the Board of Directors and park manager. Ask your questions
At Noon at the Horseshoe Pits near the store: First annual Ed McFee Horseshoe Tournament, hamburger and hot dogs on sale too

At 7:00 pm at the Longhouse: Dance, dance, dance! Prize for best dressed Canadian, meat draw too

At Noon at the Longhouse: Scavenger Hunt for the kids, prizes!

At 7:00 pm at the Longhouse: Bingo and the winning 50/50 ticket will be drawn. The ticket will also be posted on the store window.

Information session scheduled

Having fun at the Springs but you have a few questions? Are you familiar with the common rules? Did you know the rules have been revised? Would you like to know know more about the park?

Come to the information session at the Longhouse on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 10:00 AM. Bring your coffee, there will be cookies!

Your board of directors for 2018 and park manager Al Mainprize will be there to answer your questions. New owners are especially invited to come, ask questions and meet your fellow campers. See you there.

Did you know …

The Springs is on Facebook! Check it out, you’ll see interesting articles on camp life, park and area news, park photos and hopefully some funny posts. You’ll also see urgent messages cross posted (on FB and this website) on things like fire ban restrictions. Reminders about upcoming events are also posted there. Our Facebook page is meant to be informative, amusing, and of general interest to SLS owners. Find us at Spider Lake Springs Resort on Facebook and stay in touch with what’s happening at the Springs.

Disposing of Un-Wanted Items

The garbage bins are for normal household waste ONLY.

The following items must be taken to a transfer station and not left in or near the garbage bins:
– mattresses
– barbecues
– furniture (chairs and tables)
– propane canisters and bottles
– bicycles, toys, clothes etc
– metals of any kind

Do the right thing: take them out of the park and dispose of them responsibly at a transfer station or recycling depot. Doing anything else costs all of us.

The nearest transfer station to SLS is in Parksville at 860 Church Road, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, open most days (google Church Road Transfer Station for more information).

What can make a difference?
By recycling the items below, proceeds fund the Social Committee efforts to organize social events like dances, meat draws, ball tourneys, bingos, and kids events. AND they stay out of the landfill:
– beer and cooler (cans and glass bottles)
– pop (cans and glass bottles)
– wine (glass and boxes)
– liquor (glass and plastic bottles)
– water and juice (plastic and glass bottles, tetra packs)

With a little effort, we can keep ‘Our Springs’ and VI beautiful.